• Are your plot points plausible and accurate?
  • Do you want help developing your plot or just check to make sure you've got things right?

Dr. Laurel Standley is available to help you incorporate science accurately into your works of fiction or nonfiction.

Prices range to fit your budget (see Fee Schedule)


Dr. Standley is a member of the National Academy of Science's Science & Entertainment Exchange. Her expertise includes:

chemistry ~ climate change ~ toxic chemicals ~ air and water pollution

Also, Laurel has worked with biologists, hydrologists, and toxicologists and can assist you on these topics.

Contact Laurel to discuss how she can help you with your work in progress

*Your ideas will be kept in complete confidence

Dr. Standley recently joined a group of authors for a discussion on climate fiction. 

Click HERE to watch the panel discussion.

What is CliFi? A new (old?) genre of fiction is emerging that includes climate change as a major player.  

Click HERE to download a copy of resources for authors of climate fiction.