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Laurel is the author of several works of fiction, including novels and short stories in the dystopian, eco-thriller, and historical fiction genres. Her work captures the internal and external forces that challenge peoples’ lives.

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"A Memoir of the Depression" is a bittersweet story of lives derailed by economic collapse and family turmoil. Early in the 20th Century, an ambitious young man named John McQuaid journeys away from his ancestral home in Kansas toward the forested mountains of Oregon. The life he builds is nearly destroyed as the Great Depression tightens its grip. Decades later in the midst of a major recession, Bonnie Todd’s dreams are shattered as her marriage ends and yet another pink slip arrives. She too must reinvent her life and discover meaning in a new world.

"Poisoned Seed" tells the tale of a toxic current lurking beneath the every day lives of people around the world. As the damage cascades toward an inescapable conclusion, Dr. Elizabeth Hitchcock races against time to warn a public oblivious to the peril of collapsing human fertility. She and her team must fight against a shadowy world of consultants paid to divert, mislead, and bury the message that the toxic generation is nearing collapse.

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"Surface Tension" is a dystopian eco-thriller focusing on civilizations pushed to the brink as climate change reaches a tipping point into a destabilized new reality.

Splintered into clans, three peoples come together in what was once the Seattle area to determine who will reign in the frightening new world.