Re Advice on Toxic Exposures

“I have always been sensitive to strong chemical smells and being around them gave me really bad headaches… I have continued to follow many of Laurel’s suggestions for reducing the chemical toxins in my home and notice the change in the number of headaches I get now, almost none! I am so glad I met Laurel and learned what I could do to reduce my exposure to toxin substances that I didn’t even realize were in my home.” Linda J Brown, Coach/Consultant

“I particularly appreciated how Laurel framed the problem, described how to sort the available information and focused on practical actions we can take to reduce our exposure.” Karen Janowski, GreenTown Los Altos

“I really benefited from Laurel’s clear presentation of information that is often only known to scientists. It has made searching for safer products much easier for me and I’ve shared this info with many interested friends.” Lynn Taylor, Landscape Designer

Re Advice for Creatives

“With a careful attentive approach, Dr. Standley provides not only well conversed science-based advice on environmental issues to our film projects, including currently an extremely complex documentary, titled One Paycheck Away, interwoven with myriad of socioeconomic, cultural and environmental science intersections, she has also been the critical lens that allows us to gain insights to shape a wholistic perspective otherwise and often exist in silo disciplines”. Duncan Sills, Filmmaker

“When I was working on my MARS series, Dr. Standley was an invaluable resource about water chemistry and how Mars colonists might harvest energy and food. I could bounce my ideas off of her for a sound and rational reality check, and she worked with me to nudge these details in the right direction. Consulting with her made my world-building more credible and allowed me to feel more confident in my story.” Jennifer Willis, Author

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