I am an environmental chemist, author, and consultant.

I offer advice about reducing personal exposure to toxic chemicals, consult with environmental nonprofits, and advise creatives, such as authors and filmmakers, on incorporating science in their work.


Learn about reducing personal exposure to toxic chemicals from my [Blog] and book [140 Easy Tips to Reduce Your Family’s Exposure to Environmental Toxins].

I am currently writing a book on how toxic chemicals enter our food and water and what you can do to reduce exposure. Follow my [Blog] beginning January 2023 for posts on the subject.
Does your environmental organization need advice on toxic chemicals or water quality? I am available to consult with nonprofit and activist organizations on environmental issues, particularly about toxic chemicals and water quality.
[Contact] me to discuss how I can help.
Need advice on incorporating science in your fiction or filmmaking? In addition to authoring works of fiction and nonfiction, I am a member of the National Academy of Science’s Science & Entertainment Exchange. My expertise includes: toxic chemicals at home and in the environment ~ water pollution ~ climate change.
[Contact] me for help with your creative project.