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october-unprocessed-2014During the month of October, I’ll be tweeting (@Laurel_Standley) on the benefits of an unprocessed diet on reducing exposures to toxic chemicals. This was inspired by Andrew Wilder’s annual event called October Unprocessed (follow @eatingrules). I highly recommend visiting his site ( and signing up for the month as a way to reconnect to ‘real’ food and good health. Oh, and to benefit from a reduced exposure to toxic chemicals that are present in packaging and processed foods.

Bon Appetit!

6 responses to “Join #OctoberUnprocessed!”

  1. This is great, Laurel. Thanks for the tip. This month I have a detox diet scheduled, and much of the emphasis is on unprocessed foods.

  2. Hi Susan, Great to hear from you. It would be great to make sure the detox has a focus on real food for optimal health. I heard recently that a detox involving broccoli sprouts actually increased the excretion of benzene, a carcinogen. Just make sure you don’t do too much, as that can release too high levels of toxins at once, which can be dangerous to your health.

  3. I feel so strongly about the need to get the word out about environmental toxins since I was made aware just weeks ago that the apartment I’ve been living in for 43 of my 46 years is contaminated with PCB’s. Not surprising my father died from multiple cancers and illnesses, I developed Parkinson’s Disease 10 years ago at 36, have thyroid disease, internal inflammation, ravaged immune system and am covered with infected skin lesions. My mother also has multiple illnesses of the kidneys, arterial disease and skin cancer. Know many who have died in my complex over the years this contamination has detroyed me and my family we need to stop producing so many chemicals that we know little about until years down the road when the damage is irreversible. Shame on Monsanto,Inc. for producing materials that kill like in my home right now!

    • Hi Deborah,
      I am so sorry to hear about what you and your family have been dealing with. My heart goes out to you and I would recommend you take in very clean food – a vegan diet if possible. But especially avoid fish and other animal fats (like high fat cheese and dairy) so that your body can start excreting these chemicals. PCBs do take awhile but at least you won’t be adding to your burden.
      Best wishes,
      p.s. any chance you can document all that and talk to an attorney?

  4. Thank you Laurel for your reply and diet advice I never like fish or seafood so dietary changes would be pretty easy for me. I am completely disabled by my medical conditions after having to leave a career I loved. The disability advocacy group in my state recommended contacting legal counsel since my landlords are abating one building at a time it is a 3 building 18 story complex we will have to wait up to 2 years to be relocated as me and my elderly mother sit in a contaminated apartment. I’m astonished at how I can’t get anyone to assist me in relocating sooner. There are so many chronically ill residents. The EPA contact told me some units have lower concentrations while others far exceed the EPA limit but the landlord says its safe the caulking is intact. Just 2 weeks ago when I opened my bedroom window the caulk came off on my hand so who’s telling the real truth it’s the “off gassing” in hot temperatures releases PCBs into the air even if the cauling is in good shape and it’s not. Terrible situation.

    • Hi Deborah – it would be a good idea to contact legal aid to see if they can help relocate you faster. Meantime, it might help to reduce outgassing from the caulk to seal over the caulk with plastic wrap taped on either side (I realize this is only helpful in colder weather).

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