Resources for Finding Less Contaminated Food

The amount of information online about toxic chemicals in food can be overwhelming. However, there are resources that make it easier for you navigate finding safer food. There are apps you can download to your phone, as well as guides you can take with you shopping. I’d recommend trying each of them to see which work best for you. Here are my favorites. I’ll add more as I discover them and I’d love to hear from you about resources you find useful.

The Environmental Working Group ( has two resources that can help guide you in choosing less toxic foods and beverages.

  1. Download their Healthy Living App to your smartphone, which allows you to scan barcodes or find products that have lower levels of toxic chemicals.
  2. Request EWG’s downloadable version of their dirty dozen and clean fifteen produce lists.

The Silent Spring Institute ( has an app called Detox Me, which you can download to your smartphone or access on your computer. You’ll find suggestions on the app for lowering your exposure to toxic chemicals in many products, including food and beverages.

To help you select safer, less contaminated seafood there are several options:

  1. The Natural Resources Defense Council has a guide for selecting fish with lower levels of mercury.
  2. The Environmental Defense Fund has a downloadable guide for choosing less contaminated sushi, as well as those made with fish that are harvested more sustainably.
  3. The EPA has a downloadable chart for safer fish choices, especially for children and pregnant or breast-feeding women.

There’s another aspect to fish that might be of concern to you—whether they’re being sustainably harvested so that the population doesn’t become too depleted and crash.

Monterey Bay Aquarium has an app called Seafood Watch, which helps you choose fish that are harvested sustainably. They also have downloadable pocket guides.

Finally, eating more plant-based foods reduces your exposure to many toxins, especially those that can take years to decades to clear from your body. To make locating plant-based dining options easy, try the Happy Cow app.

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